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October 2017

Jumbo and BBC Chartering creating "Global Project Alliance"



A video express more than words.
Here are some JUMBO Operations:

Jumbo Offshore: The Greater Gabbard Project - Transition Piece transportation and installation
(Wind farm installation)

Jumbo Offshore: The Kikeh Project - installation of mudmats and mooring piles
(Kikeh Project Installation in Malaysia)

 Jumbo Offshore: The North Amethyst Project - subsea template installation
(Installation of Subsea structures)

Jumbo Offshore: The Cascade Project - Riser installation (short film)
(Installation of Free Standing Hybrid)

2015 blokje Jumbo minehunters 03 

January 2015: Jumbo loading 2 minehunters in Brest for French Navy door Marine-Nationale


Some JUMBO Vessels:

JUMBO-The Heavy Lift Shipping Company

JUMBO JAVELIN J-Class geared up to 1800t

2016 Fairmaster VLS 02

FAIRMASTER K-Class geared up to 3000t

2015 Technip Prelude Piles 02

JUMBO transports 16 piles for the Prelude field


Some JACK-UP BARGE units:

JB 117 FF55970 1200x800

JB 117: Length 75.90 m - Breadth 40.00 m - Leg length 80 m

JB 114 07 1200x800

JB 114: Length 55.50 m - Breadth 32.20 m - Leg length 73 m


Some BOA's Barges:


Barge 21Heavy Lift, Submersible dim: 92 X 32.5 X 6.7



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